An online marketplace that helps retail and entertainment SME vendors sell their products and services to consumers online and in connected multiple location spaces.


SMEs vendors struggle with sales. Payment solutions are very limited. Online marketplaces limit their brand awareness, with products just sitting in warehouses, physical shop space rent and business rates are so high. Consumers prefer touch and feel within proximity. 


Point of sale system combining online and multiple location physical shop spaces. Making us first to make it affordable for vendors to sell to consumers online & real-world within proximity.  Our innovation combines AI, AR/VR and Blockchain to solve issues with discovery, payments and fulfillment. 


According to Vodafone 1 in 3 vendors require pop up shops.

90% of sales in Bricks and mortar

Over 320,000 retail and entertainment businesses registered in 2018 alone

We have 120 vendors in our beta test

In 2017 payment systems processed more than 22 billion transactions, with a value of around £75 trillion. 

Business Model

Projected annual revenues by year 2

Subscription Model – vendors pay from £49.99 – 49.99 subscription x 320000 vendors x 12 months =£191m

Ad tech – £500 per week x 10000 vendors x 52 weeks = £26m

Marketplace commission – (5% per sale + 5% withdrawal) x 10 items x 320000 vendors x 12 months = £3.84m

Total – £220.84m


Berne Omolafe – AI, AR/VR and Blockchain developer with property management experience

Natasha Wright – Fashion designer (LFS – Central St Martins), extensive pop up shop experience

Our Vision

We imagine a friction-less, border-less world for vendors and consumers, where payments and selling online and in the real world is not an issue, We dream of a vendor from Melbourne Australia being able to sell their products online and physically to consumers in London without the headache and high costs of opening shop, payments, shipping online orders abroad, custom duties and taxes involved for individual orders. We see us in every relevant country, through volume bringing costs down and helping maximize value by making it affordable for vendors o trade and thereby passing on the savings to the consumers. 


SEIS and EIS investment £150,000 SEIS and £350,000 EIS to launch physical spaces