Who – SpaceandTime can be described as a Shopify meets Amazon with Boxpark and Deliveroo. Using AI powered AR, VR and blockchain to help small retail, food and entertainment businesses sell their products and services to consumers online and in connected physical spaces. 

Why – Physical stores proven to complement online sales and increase SME vendors overall businesses by at least 300%. Despite that, over 88% of them are unable to get on the high street mainly due to including being priced out by high rent and rates, limited to one location, not being able to manage their point of sale and inventory efficiently and lack of brand awareness and an overall rapid decline of the high street. Consumers have a need to buy unique, customizable products tailored specifically to their need. That which typically fits services rendered by small businesses. 80% of consumers say they would consistently buy these type of items provided it is convenient and reasonable to receive or collect.  

What – Using Distributed ledgers (Blockchain) to support the inventory management for vendors, reduce the cost and support POS. We use AI (computer vision-deep learning) powered AR/VR to help consumers discover vendor products online and in the real world, engage better and reduce returns and refunds.  

How– Our Shopify-like feature enables every vendor to have independence and able to increase brand awareness, the Amazon-like part ensures a great marketplace with strong focus on fulfilment, the Boxpark feature is our use of connected multiple location pop up shops. Our tech enables us to be within 5 miles of our consumers physically which means we can create a Deliveroo-like on-demand service of not just food, but other goods and services. 

Whom – Our team consists of world-leading AI experts and data scientists, experienced vendors with years of experience with pop up shops, festivals and appointment-based businesses. 

Our marketplace users are retail, entertainment, food and beverage and appointment-based vendors who sell online and in the real world.